Your files, encrypted & everywhere available

In the more & more mobile world we need access to our files. If it's our laptop, mobile phone or tablet, we don't want the hassle of transferring files back and forward, having issues with versions (oops... I had the old version...) or wanting to collaborate with multiple people.

HUCON Cloud storage is here to help!

With our cloud storage service you can have all your files in sync over all your devices. Can edit them on the go on your tablet or phone, open them later on your laptop and boom... all is there.

But... is this safe? We store your data encrypted on our servers so that all your files can only be accessed by you! The servers for our cloud are all hosted in data centers in the EU.

If your organisation requires files to stay within the borders of a certain country (within EU) HUCON can limit this on request.

Contact us and we will create an offer to your needs!

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