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Your webhosting partner for all your hosting needs. We also offer website and mobile app development as well as remote support for both servers as well as workstations and laptops.

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Some history

2010 -

HUCON got founded in Poland by Frank van Huet after having run hosting business since 1998 in The Netherlands.

2001 -

Introduction of virtual server hosting

2004 -

Expansion of hosting activities to several data centers in EU.

2010 -

First mobile apps delivered to customers.

2013 -

Database maintenance, audits and upgrade service as well as data replication project lead.

2015 -

Cloud storage solution introduced


We currently have no open vacancies.

Our Team



HUCON works only with fast hardware. Servers running Intel CPU and SSD as storage. Your site or app, needs to perform, HUCON makes it possible.


Our cloud storage is one of our most popular products. HUCON can fit all your cloud storage needs. Just give us shout and we do the rest.